Get Ripped 1000

Jari Love
Year Released: 2006

Categories: Circuit Training (cardio and weights)

This workout has been broken down well, so I will just add a few tidbits. My first impression was it would have been nice to have premixes for strength only or cardio only. I was able to get exactly that because the chapter points are the cardio and strength segments. So, just go to chapters and skip either the cardio or the strength segments and voila!

I did strength only today and she always works legs and upper body at the same time, which is not my cuppa tea. Also, she works chest twice and sort of skimps on triceps. The back work is not at all challenging.
I'm not sure whether or not I will keep this one.

Instructor Comments:
I wish she would save the Barbie hair for the cover art and pull her hair back for the workout. It just looks weird to see an instructor with perfectly coiffed hair and full makeup working out.
She is amazingly ripped and has very low body fat. The man in the workout has AMAZING pecs!! Jari is very soft-spoken and does not whoop at all. That's a relief.

Peggy T