Shock Cardio Step Moves

Cathe Friedrich
Year Released: 2009

Categories: Step Aerobics

Let me preface this by saying that Iím a long-time Cathe fan. I have every DVD and video that sheís ever produced, except for her beginner ones. Iíve been working out with Cathe since the 80ís.

Iím not that fussy when it comes to my workouts. As long as I feel like Iím getting a good workout, Iím happy. I donít care about modifiers, I donít care about the outfits, and I donít care about the background exercisers or background scenery. I like getting my DVDs at a good price, so Iíve always ordered from Cathe on the first day her pre-sales start. I donít mind the long wait for the DVDs.

That being said, I am sad to admit that I hated this workout. It pains me to say this, but itís true. The music was the worst music I have ever heard. Itís nondescript music, yet itís very, very annoying.

I liked this DVD when I started the workout. I liked the longer warm-up and I liked Catheís step routines. They were more complex than the usual Cathe, but I liked this since it got my brain working. I picked up the steps pretty quickly.

However, about 20 minutes into the workout, I started getting tired. This is when I really need some good music to pick me up. Instead, I hear the whiney, techno muzak. It was painful to listen to this. Iíve been spoiled by Amy Bento and her great choices in music.

I have all of the latest Cathe Shock Cardio DVDs and Iíve done sections of the others. Iím happy to say the music didnít seem so bad in those other DVDs, so Iíll be glad to write more positive reviews about those, once Iíve done them all the way through.

Instructor Comments:
Cathe seems more subdued in this DVD, compared to past ones. Since I didn't feel much energy doing this workout, I felt that Cathe wasn't as motivating in this one as others.

Nancy Loderick