Prevention: Dance It Off!

Jennifer Galardi
Year Released: 2005

Categories: Floor Aerobics/Hi-Lo/Dance

I was interested in trying this workout because I really enjoy 10-Minute Solution Fat Blasting Dance Mix, also by Jennifer Galardi. What I love about that workout is that the segments are fun and easy-to-follow, yet they definitely get my heart rate up, so I was hoping for the the same here. The Main Menu of the DVD lists the following options: Warm-Up, Hip-Hop, Latin, Jazz, Ballet, Cool-Down. There is also a Bonus section that includes a recipe for a Health Boosting Smoothie, 5 Great Ab Shapers (instruction on 5 Pilates moves), and Rev Up Your Energy (tips on breath & posture).

The 5 1/2 minute Warm-Up was easy-to-follow, with moves like easy taps, V-steps, and triple steps, although it didn't really do much to raise my heart rate. The Hip Hop segment was about 11 minutes long. Of the three cardio segments, I'd rate this one as the most fun. Galardi teaches in a manner similar to how she does in the 10 Minute Solution video--i.e., she introduces a small piece of choreography, has you practice several times, and then moves on to the next piece, gradually adding on. However, there isn't too much "take it from the top," as you only repeat the entire routine a few times through at the end.

I found the choreography for the Hip Hop segment slightly tricky but doable; unfortunately, however, I struggled even more with the Latin (10.5 mins) and Jazz (10.5 mins) segments. The Jazz in particular was quite fast-paced, and eventually, I gave up on even trying to follow along. The 9-minute ballet segment was nice, with traditional ballet moves such as plies, attitudes, passe, and ronde-de-jom. However, unlike the two toning segments in 10-Minute Solution Fat Blasting Dance Mix, this section did not provide any additional aerobic benefit. Galardi ends with a 4-minute Cool-Down for a total time of 50.5 minutes.

In summary, I was somewhat disappointed by this workout. Although I thought Galardi did a good job, I found the choreography to be significant more complex than in her previous workout that I had tried. And either because I was struggling to get the moves or further other reasons, I had trouble maintaining my heart rate in my target zone. So, ultimately this workout was not a good fit for me, but it might work well for someone who is better coordinated and can more easily learn the dance moves.

Instructor Comments:
I really like Jennifer's teaching style and generally think she cues well. She works out here with 4 background exercisers in a brightly lit studio.

Beth C (aka toaster)