Body Blast: Kick, Punch and Crunch

Cathe Friedrich
Year Released: 2003

Categories: Boxing/Kickboxing/Martial Arts

Length: 66 minutes

~ Warm Up (7 minutes)
~ Drills (~26 min)
~ Combos (~20 min)
~ Abs (7 minutes)
~ Stretch (6 minutes)

Equipment: Ball (for abs only)

I'm not a huge kickboxing fan. Possibly, the only reason I've kept this workout was because it is on the same dvd as Legs & Glutes, which I love. I don't do this more than once every year or two.

However, when the mood for some kickboxing comes, this is a good one for me. It isn't super intense, but can be a good enough workout when I'm looking for something with less impact. (This is not entirely low impact - there are some jumping jacks and a few other jumping moves in here.)

The first time with the workout it can be disconcerting when she stops to stretch after you think you are already into the workout. But, you can think of the 2nd section as just an extended warm-up. The workout is pretty long, so it doesn't bother me. The first section of drills is a lot of fun, and probably more intense overall than the combos. It can be a nice workout on its own.

The 2nd section is 3 combos, each done on the right and then the left. They are pretty straightforward and enjoyable.

The abs are short, but pretty good when you need an efficient ab workout. They use the stability ball and finish with some pikes. This section is more accessable than the Pyramid ab pikes, though, because you alternate the pikes with knee roll-ins, and it is a shorter plank section overall.

I like the final stretch also, so I have used both the abs/stretch sections in the past after other workouts. I guess that is another reason I won't get rid of this one.

Lisa C