Moms Into Fitness: Bootcamp 2

Lindsay Brin
Year Released: 2006

Categories: Abs/Core , Boxing/Kickboxing/Martial Arts , Circuit Training (cardio and weights) , Floor Aerobics/Hi-Lo/Dance , Lower Body Strength , Pilates/Core Strength , Total Body Workouts, Upper Body Strength

This DVD has an amazing amount of options. There are 6-7 premixes, plus a Create-A-Workout section that allows you to chose between: warmup, 6 short core segments, 6 different cardio/toning segments, & a yoga-type cool down.

Main Menu Options:
1. Intro--Brin talks about how she developed her program/etc.
2. Quick Start
3. 8 week program
4. Create-a-Workout
5. Form & Technique--Brin instructing on engaging your pelvic floor/transverse abdominals/etc.

When you chose QUICK START, you come to these premixes (fully chaptered, names indicated):
1. Beginner (31:44--warm up, Core #1, Toning & Cardio #1, cool down)
2. Intermediate (34:54--warm up, Core #4, Cardio #3, Cardio & Toning #2, cool down)
3. Advanced (43:43--warm up, Core #5, Toning & Cardio #6, Cardio #4, Core #6, cool down)

When you chose 8 week program, you get (chaptered, names indicated):
1. week 1-2 (31:44--same as beginner one above)
2. week 3-4 (36:12--warm up, Core #2, Cardio & Toning #2, Cardio #3, cool down)
3. week 5-6 (37:52--warm up, Core #3, Toning & Cardio #5, Cardio #4, cool down)
4. week 7-8 (43:43--same segments as advanced, slightly different order)

When you chose Create-a-Workout, you can chose between:
1. Warm up (5:44--basic marches, step touch, hamstring curls, side crunches/knee lifts, pelvic scoops, plies)

2. Core (these are progressive in difficulty level, each shows 3 levels/modifications)
***"Core Basics" (10:39--stretch quads/hip flexors, pelvic tucks on back, bent knee leg lifts, "leg scoots", towel splinted crunch, superman, child's pose, then several minutes of diastis recti discussion.)

***"Target the Core: Transverse Abdominals" (6:13--locate T.A., kegal talk, lower/straighten legs, straight leg reverse crunch, crunches, pike, cat/cow, quad stretch)

***"Core Pilates" (6:52--quad stretch, hollowing stomach tutorial, crunch variations/"top hat", single leg stretches, obliques work, knee to chest, mermaid, downward dog)

***"Functional Core Training" (4:56--"runner's hip stretch", scissor legs/oblique twist, hundred with different leg positions, knees to chest, plank/knee tuck, up dog)

***"Sick of Crunches" (5:14--superman variations, plank variations, child pose, more planks, child's pose, and more planks, cat/cow)

***"To the Core" (7:10--quad stretch, roll down, scissors, oblique twists, wide knee crunch, plank, pike, plank, child's pose)

3. Cardio/Toning (these are also somewhat progressive in difficulty, and generally follow a 1-minute circuit pattern)
***Toning & Cardio 1 (10:47--2 sets weights needed--chest press/crunch, bridge, biceps, plies, "posture pull downs", knee lifts/kicks, overhead tri extension, lunges, shoulder press)

***Toning & Cardio 2 (9:19--2 sets weights needed--pushups, mountain climbers, plie'/biceps, side lunges/abduction, 1-legged squat/shoulders, row/kickback, burpees)

***Cardio 3 (10:21--all cardio with boxing/kickboxing flavor--boxers shuffle, football shuffle, speedbag, jumprope, jab/jump, bob/knee lifts, jacks/jabs, side kicks, etc--modifications/low-impact options shown)

***Cardio 4 (10:23--Turbo Jam-esque kickboxing)

***Toning & Cardio 5 (10:19--body weight circuit--lunges, pushups, planks, bridges...several variations of all)

***Toning & Cardio 6 (10:30--2 sets weights & optional gliders needed--side squats/shoulder press, pushups, hops, lunges w/ gliders/paper towel, balance/biceps, switch lunges, squat/kick, tricep dips)

4. Cool Down with Yoga (4:31--a few minutes of cool down cardio, some athletic stretching and yoga combined)

This workout seems very customizable and accessible to anyone. Modifications are shown for every segment, with many-a-mention of "new mom issues" like incontinence, kegels, diastis recti, diet (though not much diet talk, except in Brin saying that they are counter-productive for her).

Instructor Comments:
Other than her pageant queen smile and the superfluous use of the phrase "Bun Cakes," Brin was enjoyable to watch. I absolutely HATED her Core Fitness for Moms. Sold it. Quickly. But I can see myself doing this. Brin's cute, although she talks A LOT (and be forewarned, a lot is about Kegels and such). I am glad I purchased this, if for nothing else, for the core segments...though, truth be told, I think I'll do more than that!