10 Minute Solution: Pilates

Lara Hudson
Year Released: 2004

Categories: Pilates/Core Strength

This workout has already been very thoroughly broken down, so I am just going to add my opinions on the workout.

This is an all pilates workout from the 10 Minute Solution series. Since this DVD they have come out with several pilates workouts, including many with Lara herself as the instructor. All of the videos are wonderful, but this video has a permanent place in my collection for the ab section alone. The later videos (Rapid Results, Pilates on the Ball) were more advanced and they are all very enjoyable. This was my very first exercise video (now I own and use over 100!) and I am infinitely glad I picked this one up.

The short 10 minute segments benefit me because I primarily use the workout as an add-on workout (primarily add on abs workout) after strength or cardio workouts, however I have done the video in entirety several times. Since the workouts are broken up into short segments which can be done individually or strung together, the time goes by really fast.
Like all 10MS videos, there are five 10 minute workouts, which can be played alone, in sequence, or in any combination, and each section focuses on a specific goal. In this video, the five selections are:

(1) Abs, to me the most advanced workout on the whole video. This is an incredible ab segment especially for the lower abs which are often neglected with other ab workouts. She moves quickly which makes the time fly by, and gives excellent form pointers.

(2) Buns and thighs, with a 5 minute side series of leg lifts and leg circles, then a long bridge set. This is your standard pilates fare and is nicely done in this workout.

(3) Arms, consisting of standing arm work with very small dumbbells. This is nicely done, but in comparison to 10MS later offers (i.e., Rapid Results and Pilates on the Ball) which were very dynamic and creative, this section is not as satisfactory.

(4) Burn, a total body sequence meant to burn calories. This is an extremely fun segment and has a little of everything, and another excellent add-on.

(5) Flexibility / stretch, a series of floor stretches. I really like this particular stretch segment even over the other 10MS pilates DVDs. It is very thorough and relaxing and leaves me feeling revitalized. Another excellent add on stretch segment.

Like all 10MS videos, Lara instructs by herself in a spacious uncluttered room, the production quality is excellent, and the music is average but not bland. I really enjoy the video and the instruction by Lara. I especially like Abs, Burn, and Flexibility for add-ons, and use these as on a very regular basis. Grade A.

Instructor Comments:
I really enjoy Lara and have all of her 10MS videos. She is down to business but friendly, gives moderate cuing and modifications throughout, and always has good form. If you liked her presence from her other videos (10MS Yoga, Rapid Results Pilates, Pilates on the Ball) you will enjoy her here too. This was her first video but I think she did a great job throughout (no nervousness, bad cuing, etc.)

Emily B.