10 Minute Solution: Yoga

Lara Hudson
Year Released: 2005

Categories: Yoga

This workout has already been very thoroughly broken down by KathAL79, so I am just going to add my opinions on the workout.

This is an all yoga workout from the 10 Minute Solution series. It was their only yoga-exclusive offering until they came out with Yoga for Beginners in 2008. I do not have that video so am unable to offer a comparison. I was prompted to get this video when it was issued in 2005 because I had such good experiences and results with both Lara Hudson and 10 Minute Solution in 10MS Pilates. I really enjoy 10MS Yoga – it offers short 10 minute increments of yoga (short but sweet which suits my preference for yoga practice). I am glad I purchased it and really enjoy Lara for yoga as well as pilates instruction.

The short 10 minute segments benefit me because I primarily use the workout as an add-on yoga video after strength or cardio workouts. I have only done the DVD in entirety once or twice. It flows nicely but if I prefer to do a longer video I will reach for an uninterrupted sequence from Baron Baptiste or Rodney Yee. I like to rotate the 10MS Yoga with Yoga Body Burn from Denise Austin – another DVD with short independent chapters. If you like Denise’s DVD you will probably enjoy this one too. Neither videos are new-agey, they both move at a fast pace with a variety of poses, they are both intermediate level, and like I said they are both broken up into short segments which can be done individually or strung together and the time goes by really fast.

Like all 10MS videos, there are five 10 minute workouts, which can be played alone, in sequence, or in any combination, and each section focuses on a specific goal. In this video, the five selections are:

(1) Basics, an introductory sequence with breathing techniques and simple slow moving vinyasas. This is my second most used segment in the DVD. It provides a quickie yoga sampler which provides a nice stretch and relaxation series in a short period of time.

(2) Buns and thighs, with warrior series and an impressive chair series that really works up a burn in the legs. This is a very fun sequence and I should do it more often. The only reason I don’t is because I primarily use the video for stretch/relaxation, and this segment is so strength-focused. It is however a great segment for the legs and very enjoyable overall.

(3) Abs, consisting of yoga-inspired floor work. I have far better ab add-on segments (not yoga) on other DVDs so this section is rarely used. I think it is peculiar that they do not put planks or side planks in this series since those are more yoga-related than the crunch variations that they used.

(4) Burn, a total body sequence that moves at a very fast pace (the fastest in the video). This is my absolute favorite sequence and the one I do most frequently. The first five minutes focus on vinyasas with warrior 1, 2, and triangle. Then side planks and three very unique sequences including camel flow, up/down dog flow, and chair pose to floor roll over then stand again without arms (something I am still unable to do!). I feel so stretched and strengthened in this series and am having a blast doing it.

(5) Flexibility / stretch, a series of floor stretches. I thought this was a peculiar choice for a segment for a yoga video since stretching is emphasized throughout the whole DVD. I think they could have better added to the video with another total body or leg sequence. After an initial trial period, I found I do not reach for this section much at all.

Like all 10MS videos, Lara instructs by herself in a spacious uncluttered room, the production quality is excellent, and the music is average but not bland. Like I said, I really enjoyed this video and the instruction by Lara. I really enjoy the Basics, Legs, and Burn section and use these as add-ons on a regular basis. However since I thought the Abs and Flexibility sections were “just okay”, I would rate the video as a B overall.

Instructor Comments:
I really enjoy Lara and have all of her 10MS videos. She is down to business but friendly, gives moderate cuing and modifications throughout, and always has good form. If you liked her presence from her other videos (10MS Pilates, Rapid Results Pilates, Pilates on the Ball) you will enjoy her here too.

Emily B.