Shortcuts for Abs

Leslie Sansone
Year Released: 2008

Categories: Abs/Core

This is 30 minute routine that is mostly core work with just Leslie. Itís all floor work too, which I prefer. The set is fun, as itís some kind of dining room with a shiny wood floor, so it looks like sheís in some nice, cozy house, lol. The music is upbeat and pretty nice, too. I wore my weighted gloves for this one, too Ė and used them to add resistance to the crunches when I could. Leslie does a walking warm up to start, and it lasted for longer than I expected Ė maybe close to 10 minutes? She also does a longer stretch than usual at the end. That being said, there was a lot more work (and more advanced work) than I expected from Leslie! Iíve done her stability ball abs workout and didnít get much from it, as itís pretty short so it never felt like she did enough reps per exercise. This one is a much better pace, and really gives you time to squeeze on each rep. She has a nice variety here Ė variations on reverse crunches, oblique crunches, double crunches Ė even a double crunch with your legs straight up in the air. I really felt those toward the end of the set. She also does some planks and supermans at the end. I really liked this one, and it was a really nice abs routine for when I have some extra time. A nice add-on for shorter cardio days.

Instructor Comments:
I like Leslie a lot, thought I use her workouts in spurts, since I have to be in a Leslie mood. I enjoyed her in this tougher-than-I-expected abs routine.