Dance Conditioning: Stretch & Flex

Eric Zimmer
Year Released: 1998

Categories: Athletic Stretch

I liked it, but would agree with Amy's review that it isn't for the beginner or anyone who is very unflexible. The moves go a little too fast and the risk of injury to someone who wasn't fairly flexible (or already warmed up totally from another video) would be pretty high.

I won't go into detail on the exercises, since they've already been covered but will just add my impressions. This video was a nice change of pace and it did a good job of stretching my legs out after a couple of days of WAY too much inner thigh work. I liked the music a lot and felt like I would be able to pick up the choreography in the middle "dance" section completely in another time or two. And this is from someone who considers herself fairly choreography-impaired. It helps alot that Eric starts out each combination slowly, then speeds it up after you've seen it a few times. This section actually got me almost to the point of breaking a sweat, which really suprised me since I had just grabbed the tape as a "light" workout following two weeks that bordered on overtraining. But it was a good feeling, since I was in a "blah" sort of mood and it got me pumped up just enough to get over that, yet left me nice and relaxed as a good stretch tape should do.

The final section has deeper stretches which use a piece of rope (or a towel or a yoga strap) in order to get deeper into the stretch. They felt really good after the dance section and since my muscles were warm by then, I was able to stretch deeper. I've been really trying to work on my flexibility lately and think that this video will be a nice change of pace from my yoga videos and more traditional stretch ones.

Instructor Comments:
Overall, I liked Eric, but his voice got just slightly on my nerves at times. Nothing too major (Keith Byard from MTV advanced workout he is not) and it won't keep me from using the tape. He cues well, but as Amy mentions in her review, the camera guy doesn't always cooperate and Eric will be cuing away and all you get is a shot of somebody's face. But there is thankfully only one major instance of this and a couple of more minor bad camera angles.

Karen Nagel