Yoga Zone: Yoga Sculpting

Jennifer Monas
Year Released: 2001

Categories: Yoga

First, about me. I use Yoga for strength building. I am definitely not a Yoga expert. I also do not find Yoga particularly relaxing-- well any more relaxing than any other exercise form, that is.
I do not want a Yoga routine that moves too quickly or focuses on stretching. I don't like to do more than 40-45 minutes of Yoga either.
This program is divided into two workouts. One focuses on strengthening the upper body and the other focuses on strengthening the lower body. In truth, you are going to get benefits to upper and lower body in each practice. That is the way Yoga is. It does not seem to be the same old, same old. For those who are tired of sun salutations (I happen to like them), this would be a good choice for you.
I wish I could tell you more about the various postures, but as I stated before, I am no expert. The instruction is good and they do remind you to focus on your breathing.
It is one of the "for beginners series" that is set outside at Jamaica's Grand Lido Sans Souci. Very pretty.
This is a nice practice, good for beginners with some strength or intermediates.
Anyway, it met waht I was looking for in a Yoga DVD.