Yoga Booty Ballet

Teigh McDonough, Gillian Marloth
Year Released: 2004

Categories: Yoga

My background: I am advanced in cardio, low-advanced in weights, and high-intermediate in yoga (favorites are Cathe, Christi, FIRM, TLP, Eoin Finn). I try to vary exercise intensity so that I include both high-intensity and lower-intensity workouts in my routine.

I enjoy YBB Basic on days when I don't feel like exercising, have had a rough day at work, or when I'm not feeling like a killer cardio or strength workout. I finish feeling lightly worked out and nicely stretched - and it's fun!

I especially like the modern-dancy warm up, and I was pleased to find that the Advanced YBB workout on the same DVD is mostly comprised of a long dance section. I often use the approximately 5-minute YBB Basic warm up in place of the warm up in other workouts or as a warm up for weight work.

To enjoy this workout, one needs to have a fairly high "woo-woo" tolerance and be comfortable with moving the body in a "funky," "release your inner goddess" kind of way. YBB definitely won't appeal to everyone, but it's a blast if you like this sort of thing (I do). :)

Instructor Comments:
Gillian and Teigh seem like the stereotypical new-age, Califonia-type, woo-woo instructors, which is okay with me, since I'm a California type myself. ;) Gillian sometimes moans during the yoga section.