Yoga Booty Ballet

Teigh McDonough, Gillian Marloth
Year Released: 2004

Categories: Yoga

Normally, I wouldn't buy an intermediate video and the title of this put me off a long time. Until I read a thread in VF about keeping your easier workouts around for lighter days, coming back from injury or illness, so after reading some comments on this video so I looked at the Collage clips, and wanted it right away. I am glad I bought this video.

I loved the scenery and music best of all, and also how I felt when I was done. I started out feeling stiff, before I put in the video. After the warmup, I felt really loosed up. This section would make any non-exerciser laugh though! They do alot of swinging themselves around and it does look a little wild. The warmup is on what appears to be a cliff out in the grass with a guy playing the drums.

The second section is ballet moves, but some are altered by the direction your toes are pointed to give the "booty" more work. This part was by a waterfall on some rocks. I liked it, too.

The next section was full of compounded moves: plies with upper body, squats with legs closer together & upper body, and so on. The triceps and shoulders parts I felt the burn in the most. There isn't time to change weights, so I didn't really feel it as much in my biceps.

The next section is yoga, with a move I haven't seen before, the beetle squat. They said it is thousands of years old though. I liked the yoga section as well. Very soothing. I wish the video ended with this section, because it seems soothing then goes into abs.

The ab section uses a ball, but you can use a pillow. The exercises are pretty standard and effective.

I loved the stretching at the end. It made my back feel great as well as the muscles worked. The workout lasted only 40 something minutes. I wished it was longer, but it will be great to do in summer when I don't want to drip in sweat, since it is already hot out, or for a light day. I'd highly recommend it for intermediates- grade A.

Instructor Comments:
The previous review about them looking blissed out is accurate. I liked them both. They give you reminders if it doesn't feel right, change it.