Yoga Conditioning for Life

Rodney Yee
Year Released: 2002

Categories: Yoga

I got this as part of a set. It's supposedly 'all levels'..well, beginners had better watch out! first of all the length is over an hour. He holds the moves a long time and some of the moves I think are pretty difficult, esp with no upper body strength. The first half hour at least is a slower sun salutation..lots of lifting arms up above head and slight back bend then forward bend and look up, forward bend again, then downdog/plank/upward dog, and then he inserts different moves in the sequence such as warrior 1,2, triangle, wide angle, reverse triangle, half moon...but he doesn't rush them. In some ways I think they'd be easier a little faster, but I did enjoy him slowing them down. The 2 ladies modifying weren't shown enough for me! I think the hardest pose is the one where you're on your back with knees bent and put your hands beside your ears and push up with your hands and legs..I had to really modify that one and leave the shoulders on the floor!

There isn't a lot of instruction on how to do the pose..he does do a lot of descriptions though...some were a little strange to me such as not focusing on the stretch but the positioning or something like that...boy, I was feeling the STRETCH!!! The heck with feeling the earth below me body awareness stuff I guess. Next time I'll pay more attention now that I know I'll survive the workout!
A beginner would have to be patient and be willing to not hold the poses as long I think. I was shaking on a few..half moon and reverse triangle to name a few! He does at least 3 seated twists that are held and I felt really stretched afterwards.

I do like this workout and the only reason I probably won't do it very much is its length..but I think I'd like to do it once a week or so and see how I improve on the other poses.The music/scenery is soothing..but I can't help thinking how their platforms look like graves in a cemetery!they're not, but they remind me of them! Overall this video is pretty good but more for an advanced beginner/intermediate maybe. Thre are no ploughs, etc but he does do a lot of back bends like camel and upward dog,and bow.

Instructor Comments:
flexible, extrememely strong; accent but completely understandable

Susanna (smith938)