Abs Yoga For Beginners

Rodney Yee
Year Released: 1998

Categories: Yoga

Twenty minutes of yoga that targets building abdominal strength and control. The first few minutes are devoted to focusing on consciously breathing, coordinating your breathing with releasing or placing tension on the abdominal muscles. I happen to believe that breath control is a powerful mind and body tool that enhances mental and physical control, so I like this part of the video. If you're not sold on the breathing thing, this part will probably make you want to say, enough, already, where's the workout!

Well, you do get to the workout. Some of the more frequently repeated movements involve slowly lifting and lowering your legs, either bent or straightened, either directly overhead or to each side. Again, it is important to exhale and inhale at the appropriate times, this will make a real difference in muscular tension in the abs. Some of the other movements require you to lift your head and chest to a single bent knee and hold there. Later you lift up to both bent knees. Then there's "half-boat," done with an individual leg, then with both legs. (This is a V-position, with upper and lower body raised off the floor.) You also rock your body back and forth like a rocking horse to get to a seated position. All of the movements, if performed properly, will require slow and precise control of the abdominal muscles and will require some balancing abilities.

I like this tape a lot and have been using it once per week along with more traditional ab work. It actually has become MORE challenging the more times I do it -- I guess because you're working with and against your own body strength. Not too much hardcore yoga talk, although you will have to get used to "letting your eyes peacefully descend behind your cheekbones," having a "strong, hollow belly" and other unusual descriptions.

This is a good tape that I would recommend to those who would like a change from traditional crunches.

Instructor Comments:
Rodney is thorough and clear in his instruction. It is clear that he is quite knowledgeable about yoga. Is that a Speedo he's got on?

Daphne M