Abs Yoga For Beginners

Rodney Yee
Year Released: 1998

Categories: Yoga

I have been using this tape in conjunction with Abs and More since September 1998 trying to get away from traditional ab work. Like another reviewer I did notice an almost immediate difference in my ability to do the Method's Precision Toning (which I love but dread to do since it is so long). I still feel this in my obliques the day after using it, which is only once a week. I really like the way they filmed this in the desert and the music is really relaxing. I always feel longer and relaxed after doing this tape. It is the best $7 I spent on any ab tape!

Instructor Comments:
This is my first tape with Rodney Yee and he was likeable enough. Definitely reminded me of what I would think a yoga instructor would be and had some really good visualizations to help you with form.

Stephanie Bridges