Winsor Pilates Series

Mari Winsor
Year Released: 2002

Categories: Pilates/Core Strength

I bought this set of 3 videos from the informercial (I fell for it!). I did the instructional video which shows you how to do the basic 7 moves. This was helpful since I don't do pilates much.

The 20-min video didn't do much for me. We did a lot of moves, but not many reps. I know you don't always do tons of reps in pilates, but this did little for me.

The advanced tape is next. I felt it in the abs and hips during some moves. But she took more time setting up the moves than the time to actually do them. So we went from exercise to exercise. Some felt easy, some were tough.

Overall, I didn't enjoy this much. I felt I could get a better workout in a shorter amount of time by doing weights to tone and yoga to stretch.

The set also includes a guide on the winsor dozen, a plan, and a diet guide (the meals were picked for you- not flexible).

Instructor Comments:
Mari knows what she's doing and is knowledgable. She gives good direction, however, doesn't remind us how to breath at the beginning of a move, which would help beginners.