Tae Bo II Get Ripped: Basic

Billy Blanks
Year Released: 2001

Categories: Boxing/Kickboxing/Martial Arts

This Basic from Billy Blanks has Michelle on the cover and is taken from Pay Per View episode #19. In case some people may not be sure if they taped this workout, I will provide a detailed breakdown:

All the music is upbeat instrumentals - no vocals.

Billy Blanks is wearing a dark peach v-necked tank top and navy lycra pants. Shelly is in a royal blue sports bra and capri pants. Warm-Up: March in place
While in plie position, turning/circling neck slowly
Shoulder rolls
Lunge position w/extra calf stretch
Legs wide, head down, grab ankles
Bring head to both knees
Push ups while in wide leg stance
Side lunge holds
Stretches while seated and legs in wide v-position
Hip/spine stretch
Hamstring stretch

Floorwork: Crunches engaging both upper/lower body v While partially upright, legs move up and down
Side lying elbow to knee oblique work
The Bicycle
Knee bent sit-ups with arms overhead; last one held
Back kicks while on knees
Fire hydrant leg lifts
Roundhouse kicks while on knees

Okay, now you are up and moving: Jabs
Cross punches
Turning waist from side to side
Jabs across the body
Upper cuts across the body
Forward step w/knee raise while punching arms upward
Tap, knee raise to front and side (L-shaped move)
Forward step w/knee raises while punching across the body
Tap, knee raise to front and side while punching; moves into front kicks
Knee raises coming from the side
Cross the body heel-toe with punches
Knee raise with cross punch

Stretching: Back stretch
Stretch while in lunge position
Wide leg stretch while grabbing ankles
Head to both left/right knees in wide leg stretch
Side stretches
Arm stretches

A woman is in the corner showing people how they can use the bag for some of the movements. There is even a tiny little boy trying to do Tae Bo.

Sharon H.