Results 10 Days to a Better Body

Cindy Whitmarsh
Year Released: 2008

Categories: Circuit Training (cardio and weights)

This is an amazing workout. It has two half-hour sections, one for upper body and one for lower body. Each section follows the same format, one-minute sections alternating a strength move with a cardio move. The cardio is mostly high-impact, but the set starts with a lower-impact modification.

The time flies by, and I got an amazing workout. As Cindy frequently reminds us, it's only one minute each, so this encouraged me to push myself. I used the 'slow' phase where the cardio is lower impact or the strength move is half-speed to try the harder-core modifications such as the push-ups on the toes.

The workout requires one lighter set of weights and one heavier set of weights, and Cindy always tells you which one to use. At around day 7, I demoted my heavy weights to being my light ones and upped the resistance for my heavy set. It was really rewarding to see myself progressing in this way.

I did ten straight days with this workout set (eleven days, including my rest day) and felt like I could have kept going. There was no dread at all. I plan to continue using it during my current rotation.

I am really pleased with this buy and heartily recommend it.

Instructor Comments:
Cindy is a friendly and encouraging instructor who always knew when to say 'just ten more seconds!' and encourage you to push yourself. I will definitely look for other workouts in which she features.