Ultimate Body: Challenging Workouts for Weight Loss

Meghan White
Year Released: 2004

Categories: Total Body Workouts

this dvd consists of 3 sections: cardio kickboxing, strength training and cardio boot camp. each section contains 3 or 4 workouts.

for example, the kickboxing section includes two 25 min workouts plus a 10 min ab routine. the strength training section includes an upper body workout (12 mins), lower body workout (10 mins) and abs (10 mins). the bootcamp section also has two 25 min routines plus 10 mins of abs.

each section will allow you to do each workout separately or will give you a menu option to combine all of the workouts from that section for a full, longer,
workout. you cannot select an option to combine workouts from the different sections however, except in the case of 'abs' where you can combine the different ab workouts from each section for a 30 minute ab workout. if you want to combine the other workouts from each section then you can do that manually.

so today i chose to do the first cardio kickboxing workout, followed by the full body strength training workout (upper, lower and abs). the two cardio kickboxing workouts each have a warmup and cooldown but the strength
training workouts do not and neither do the abs segments. so please keep that in mind when selecting workouts to do and when you mix and match from this dvd. i dont know if the bootcamp routines have warmups/cooldowns at
this time.

the workouts are at the intermediate level and some parts might be considered to be higher because of some impact moves -- like quite a few jumping jacks in the kickboxing workout and some plyometrics and combination moves in the lower body strength workout. also the pace of
the kickboxing routine was fast.

these are solid workouts and i do feel like i had a good workout... but i did notice that a lower body strength combo move was not done on both sides of the body (this was a rear lunge into a front kick) and i was a bit disappointed in that.

meaghan uses 5 lb dumbells, a woman in back uses 3s and a man uses 8s.

the lower body strength workout is not weighted, but you could add dumbells and ankle weights if you wanted to. meghan uses a dumbell on the chest during the strength training ab segment which was a bunch of crunch variations with pulses.

meaghan and her background exercisers look good, one woman and one man, although the man wasnt on the screen that much or else i just didnt notice him much.
also noone demonstrates low impact modifications to the
plyometrics, for example.

also on the dvd, is an 'interview' with meaghan during which she talks about how often to schedule cardio and strength workouts and says to eat a low fat, low sugar, low carb, high protein diet.

Instructor Comments:
be aware that meaghan is wearing makeup during the workouts. the dvd said something about her being a model and i can see that. if she polished and perfected her instructing skills then she could
be great. as it is, her voice is kind of high (screechy) at times and while that didnt bug me, i did notice it. also she cues to her own left/right (grrr! argh!).

Carolyn Visser