Ultimate Body: Challenging Workouts for Weight Loss

Meghan White
Year Released: 2004

Categories: Total Body Workouts

The workout itself was intermediate level. Nothing to write home about, kind of boring, and her voice and 'script' were annoying enough that any positives were quickly overshadowed.

I gave this one to my public library. I just wanted it out of my house to erase my folly in acquring it.

Instructor Comments:
I should have listened to all the comments about her voice.

The one review I saw that said her voice sounded like Harmony from Buffy made me think 'Okay, i can deal with that.'

Turns out that's not what she sounded like to me (not in any way discrediting the other review. We all hear things differently. I know that).

Her voice is incredibly annoying to me. And what makes it worse is that she doesn't talk that way in the 'interview section'. I felt like she was talking to a roomful of 3 year olds.