Kickbutt Strong Bear

Keli Roberts
Year Released: 2005

Categories: Circuit Training (cardio and weights)

14" step-recommended, but I also use my 12" Firm box
Light dumbbells
Heavy dumbbells
optional ankle weights

Proportion of disciplines:
Pilates: 10 minutes
Cardio: 8 minutes
Yoga: 4 minutes
Weights: 30 minutes
Total: 52 minutes

This workout is a remake of the original FitPrime Strong Bear. The most noticeable differences are the beautiful production, glitch free editing, and a workout that seems to flow really well. Keli does an excellent job leading this workout. Her form and form pointers are both excellent. One of the background exercisers always use items that you can find in your home.

The WHFN workouts continue the FitPrime tradition of working your non-dominant side first. After the warm-up, and first cardio section, Step Stomps, the first weight circuit consist of, 4-limb hard squats,plie’ pivot rows, and plie’ leg presses.

Cardio #2 is called the Bootcamp Scramble, which is the squat thrusts, push-ups and marches combination. Strength circuit #2 consist of non dominant leg, back and arms, dominant leg and non-dominate chest, 1 leg triceps alternating shoulder presses, dominate leg, back and arm, non-dominate leg and dominate chest.

Yoga #1, which is step warrior, is followed by strength circuit #3. This circuit consist of, hip rotation and hovers, non-dominate stick kicks, triceps trio, and dominate stick kicks.

Cardio #3 is butt pops. Pilates follows this cardio section and it consists of, dominate ADD sole press, non-dominate sole press, and then staddle crunch.

The workout ends with a short yoga section.

I really liked this workout and I found it to be plenty challenging. I have to be honest. On preview, I thought Keli looked stiff, but my opinion changed after doing this workout. Keli did a wonderful job leading this workout.

Once the workout starts, it is pretty much non-stop until the pilates section. Both cardio sections are challenging, because you use medium to heavy weights during the 4-limb section and your body weight during the bootcamp section. I used 10 lb. Dumbbells during the 4-limb section.

The strength workout consists of giant sets, working your non-dominate side first before working your dominate side. You also alternate between lower body work and upper body work. This enables you to work the entire time. The only time you are taking a break is during an equipment change.

The poundage that I used for this workout was, 5-15 lbs dumbbells my first time doing this workout, and 5-20 lbs. dumbbells the second time I did this workout. I did modify the chest presses and the triceps presses. Instead of using my step, I used my push-up bars. For the push-ups, I placed one hand on one bar and the other on the floor to simulate the push-ups in this workout.

Instructor Comments:
Keli does an excellent job leading this workout. Her form and form pointers are both excellent.

Debbie Stout