Kickbutt Push Pull

Heidi Tanner, Kimberly Spreen
Year Released: 2005

Categories: Circuit Training (cardio and weights)

Excellent music. I'd say FitPrime has the best workout music out there.

I liked the moves too - different and interesting.

I won't do a breakdown, but I just wanted to add my 2 cents about the workout.

I didn't love this like I did Fast Cheetah, but I enjoyed it a lot and will certainly do it again.

I felt pretty well worked out after 48 minutes or so.

I am really glad I bought the 12 pack now, because I have all these under-one-hour workouts that are interesting, work my whole body, but don't leave me totally exhausted. This works for me on those days where I have a lot to do when I get home from work, but still want a sufficiently 'hard' workout.

Instructor Comments:
I really really really like Kimberly a lot. She's motivating and friendly. She is as anti-stepford as one can get, which for me, is an excellent departure from the older-style firm "instructor demeanor".