Kickbutt Fast Cheetah

Heidi Tanner, Kimberly Spreen
Year Released: 2005

Categories: Floor Aerobics/Hi-Lo/Dance

This was one of the most boring DVD workouts I have ever done. The cardio consisted of a series of simple moves that were repeated over and over and over and over. The same short sequences were repeated so many times, I finally couldn't stand it anymore and stood and watched thinking, "how many more of these can she possibly do?"

There is no way that this workout can be called, "Kickbutt." It is a workout for beginners. There is a little bit of plyometrics (jumping) and some four-limbed movements, that do get the heartrate up, but for the most part, this is an easy, low impact workout, which would be appropriate for beginners (who like to repeat moves many times). The best part of the cardio was the short kickboxing series, which is obviously Kimberly's strong point.

The back cover says that there is pilates and yoga in this workout, but I didn't think there was any pilates or yoga. There was a sequence of core moves, and some glute and hamstring work, which I liked, but I wouldn't classify them as either pilates. There are some stretches at the end, but I wouldn't classify them as yoga.

I try to be open-minded and generally find things to like in most workouts, but other than the core, ab and glute work in this DVD, I think it's basically a waste of time.

When I looked at the background exercisers, they all seemed to be doing something different. I noticed that Tamela Hastie was a background exerciser, and the only reason I noticed her was that she looked so bizarre doing some of the movements, such as the speed skater. The other weird thing was that when the camera would be facing the mirror, Tamela would be on the left side, and then in the next frame, she would be on the right side.

I give this workout a C- .

Instructor Comments:
Heidi Tanner is an experienced instructor and it shows. Kimberly Spreen has a good camera presence, but her inexperience as a video instructor is apparent; she repeats the same phrases over and over. Kimberly also has a lisp, which I found distracting.