Kickbutt Fast Cheetah

Heidi Tanner, Kimberly Spreen
Year Released: 2005

Categories: Floor Aerobics/Hi-Lo/Dance

Kickbutt Fast Cheetah is a remake of FitPrime's Fast Cheetah with Tracie Long. The improvements in this workout is enormous. There are no editing glitches in the new WHFN workouts. The set is brand new and the feeling of the old "Firm" is back.

Heidi Tanner and Kimberly Spreen team up to bring us Fast Cheetah. Heidi starts this workout with a warm-up that consist of step, press, and dip, the same warm-up that was in the original Fast Cheetah. The music, I believe, is the same music as the original FC.

The first thing that you will notice that the only equipment used in this workout is a 14" step, a light pair of dumbbells and a yoga block. I found this workout very easy to modify up in intensity. I'm a firm believer that a video is just a tool. It is up to me to make this video fit my current fitness level, which includes, strength, cardio capacity, and any physical limitations I have.

This is the equipment that I used with each segment:

Cardio #1-Step Touch "L". I turned this into a 4-limb aerobic section by using 3 lb. hand weights.
Cardio #2-Chugs and Kisses. I used a 14" tall box. I'm not sure why kisses is in the title, because I didn't see Kimberly blowing kisses. ;)
Weights #1-Balance 4-Limb. I used 5 lb. hand weights and it was plenty challenging with the weights I selected.
Cardio #3-Serve a Tray-I turned this into a 4-limb aerobic section by using 3 lb. hand weights.
Cardio #4-Handstands and tall box climbs. I used a 14" step.
Cardio #5-Plyo Variations. No added weights were used during this section.
Cardio #6-Kickbox. I used my Billy Balls for this routine.
Cardio #7-Skater's Leap. I used my 3 lb. Oof ball
Cardio #8-Lunge Circle. I used my 3 lb. Oof ball
Yoga-Warrior Lunge
Pilates-ND Bridge and Pecs
Pilates-D Bridge and Pecs
Yoga-Leg Circles and Cobra
Pilates-Bi-Lateral Slice

I loved this workout much more than the original FC. I found a couple of the cardio segments in the first workout too long and a bit on the boring side. Heidi and Kimberly do a fantastic job leading this workout. The background exercisers also did a great job. Once again, the production is fantastic, the music is awesome and crystal clear, and the routine flows beautifully and is flawless.

The yoga and pilates routines at the end of this workout is a wonderful way to get your core work in, and a wonderful stretch for your body. I enjoyed it very much.

What's missing in this workout is the medicine ball work and the ankle weights, BUT, you can add this back into the workout. I opted not to add ankle weights to my workout, but I did add the medicine ball to the last two cardio sections.

Instructor Comments:
Both Heidi Tanner and Kimberly Spreen shine in this workout.

Debbie Stout