Kickbutt Fast Cheetah

Heidi Tanner, Kimberly Spreen
Year Released: 2005

Categories: Floor Aerobics/Hi-Lo/Dance

Women's Health & Fitness Network Fast Cheetah is part of their KickButt system. The breakdown is 11 minutes of Pilates, 25 minutes of cardio, 8 minutes of yoga, and 4 minutes of weights. It's designed to cross-train with their Strong Bear, and it's designed as a fusion workout.

I'm an intermediate/advanced exerciser and I have done the original Firm and FitPrime. This is original Firm updated, with better color and the same great music! Anna Benson has "returned"! Her choreography is reminiscent of the original Firms! The colors on the set are intense, but not too dark. It's not cluttered like some of the earlier FitPrime sets. The picture quality and sound are flawless!

There are six background exercisers all in bright color tops and black pants, and they don't show them as much as in the original Firms, but they do show them just enough so you "see" them. There are no odd camera shots like in some of the older Firms. This is a top quality editing job!

Heidi starts the workout with a warm up featuring slow step ups on the tall box (they use a 14 inch wooden stool; I used my High Step at 12 inches since that's 90 degrees flexed at the knee for me) with dips to the back. It's a slow, controlled, dynamic warm up without static stretches.

Kimberly then takes you through cardio tunes. Don't expect high intensity or jumping. There isn't any. You can add arm movements, make the leg movements bigger, and turn the plyo work into higher jumps to add intensity. This would also be perfect cardio for a beginner or for a more advanced exerciser who wants or needs lighter intensity that day. It features L steps, hamstring curls, step ups on the tall box, lunges around the box, and a fun and different walking sequence with mambos forward and back.

The sequences are just long enough to enjoy but not long enough to become monotonous. Kimberly is fun and perky the entire time, and the time flew by! Where she truly shines is during the kickbox sequence, which doesn't get too "kickboxy" but instead is just plain fun!

The plyo part can be modified up to increase the intensity, and is a bit different, featuring handstands using the tall box and more traditional plyo work. The handstands are not true handstands, but instead are more like jumps behind the box.

The weight section is squats with front lifts (I used 5 pound dumbbells), side raises with a leg raise and hold to balance, and curtsy dips with biceps curls. If curtsy dips bother you it's easy to do something else here.

The cooldown is refreshing and again can be modified up if you need more intensity.

Heidi then takes us to the floor for a lunge and warrior pose sequence. Then it's on to bridge work and pec work, using a yoga block as a prop. You don't necessarily need it. She also does a modified cobra using the block, but again you can do this without the block if you don't have one.

More traditional crunches are next, with a unique twist on the reverse ones - crossing your knee over the extended leg to help isolate only your lower ab muscles. I really felt this one!

The stretch contains one odd move which I would be careful with if you have knee issues. It can modified to a more traditional hamstring stretch if need be.

Overall, I'd give this an A minus, and it's definitely a keeper for me!

Instructor Comments:
Kimberly and Heidi are great in this! They sparkle and shine! Plenty of form pointers are given and their form is flawless.