Kickbutt Floor Burn

Tamela Hastie
Year Released: 2005

Categories: Lower Body Strength

I actually wanted to compare and contrast both versions of Floor Burn - a tape primarily focusing on exercises done on the floor. On viewing both versions they appear very similar and there are only minor differences between the two versions.

I will concentrate on Susan's workout as I have done it 3 times vs Tamela's once.

Warm Up - fairly unremarkable - Susan does the workout barefoot and doesn't look completely comfortable.

Stretches on Tall Box - includes lunges and the pilates "Thread a Needle" move but lets the hips collapse rather than getting a good rotational stretch of the torso. Also includes stretch for the hip flexors.

Adductions on the floor: Susan encourages hip stacking which is positive - however the movement would be 100% more effectie if she lay down and the movements weren't so jerky.

Tricep/leg lift combination: performed too quickly to be properly effective

Tall Step Inner Thigh: hips not aligned properly - the movement too fast and sloppy.

Bicep Curl with Inner Thigh action: again Susan moved too fast to be effective.

Donkey Kick on Tall Step/ External Hip Rotation - although the target appears to be glute maximus/medius the only muscle group really punished is piriformis which fatigues at the expense of the other muscles. The angle of hip to thigh actually diminishes the activity of glute medius somewhat.

Jumping Move: we are encouraged to lift the glutes - this does work the core, but there are safer ways to achieve the same effect.

Bridging with Glute Pump: To be most effective, the hips must be aligned and very controlled (ie no slop) - Susan's control of her hips in this exercise was poor and the addition of weights detracts from, rather than enhances the exercise.

Roll and Hold to Front: - an advanced move which she does well.

Ab workout: Susan advises to "imprint the spine" which is not very clear. A better way would be to emphasise and demonstrate neutral spine. She does a bicycle maneouvre, but more contol is needed.

Yoga sequence - Susan starts off with a Cat Stretch with a strong hyperextension of her spine - I prefer cat stretch starting in neutral spine or a more controlled hyperextension. She moves into cobra/ up dog and then downward dog - her alignment could be much better.

This is a workout that had so much potential but is ruined by poor teaching and lack of purpose for the movements described above. Unless you have time to burn, I'd give this one a miss.

Instructor Comments:
Susan has a pleasant manner. Tamela does not appeal to me much, though she is quite eager to please in this workout.

Liz N