Kickbutt Floor Burn

Tamela Hastie
Year Released: 2005

Categories: Lower Body Strength

It was a decent workout, but it would not, on it's own, compel me to want more WHFN workouts.

The music was fabulous and the hip and glute work burned. The inner thigh work did not. Next time i'll use weights.

Some plyometric moves were in here, and I liked how they zipped up the workout for me.

I did not enjoy the yoga section, but i'm becoming particular about my yoga instruction. It was harder to skip it in this workout since it seemed to do so would make the workout too short.

The ab work did not toast me like some other workouts do, so part of me was wondering "why bother?"

I may tweak this workout so I just avoid the stuff I don't really like and switch in Naval power (Ravi Singh/Ana Brett) or some other workout.

I'd give it a B.

Instructor Comments:
Tamela is much matured from her Firm "Cardio Burn" days. She is competent and friendly.