Kickbutt Floor Burn

Tamela Hastie
Year Released: 2005

Categories: Lower Body Strength

I got this free from whfn. I didn't like the original version of this with Susan Harris, and I didn't like this version either. The box describes a cardio workout with pilates and yoga. What it is is an old school floorwork routine with pilates and yoga moves incorporated. There really is no cardio to speak of, except some leap frogs (bent over jumping moves).

The floorwork is very paced, I personally prefer slower floor work, with more mellow music. At times, the pace of this seemed so fast, and not in a good, heart pumping way, but in a frantic, hyper way.

Overall, this is your run of the mill floorwork with push ups, abs, table work, pelvic lifts and stuff on your side- all the usual suspects. very little is original. If you like floorwork, you'll probably like this. If you don't, well, you probably won't.

What really bothered me about this was Tamela. She really apes for the camera. Her utter awareness of every camera made me uncomfortable. I can't describe but it really bothered me. Also, some of the camera angles were inappropriate. the constant tight shots of her rear end really got on my nerves. The focus tended to be when she was doing push ups, which don't really use the buttocks, so the angle seemed to be just sleazy instead of helpful.

I also didn't like doing jumps with blocks on the step. Obviously, you can just do these without, but Tamela mentions its helpful for people with tight hams or tall people, so lots of exercisers will try this and may end up tipping or sliding. Obviously you have to be careful, but its takes some practice to make this safe, practice Tamela has had as a professional or just preparing for this workout, but that most exercisers won't have. I think this move may be an injury waiting to happen.

I also was really uncomfortable doing table work with an arch in my back. For some of the work she has you lift your shoulders and look up, arching your back. It felt really uncomfortable. I think this move may really bother some backs. It didn't do me any favors.

Overall, this is a real disappointment to me, as was the first version. Manic floorwork, a description that doesn't match the workout and outdated butt shots add up to trade pile.

Instructor Comments:
Tamela is cute, but she pouts and preens for the camera so much it's annoying. Her form is okay, but her mannerisms of making love to the camera, to borrow RuPaul's expression, did not inspire confidence.