Kickbutt Floor Burn

Tamela Hastie
Year Released: 2005

Categories: Lower Body Strength

Women's Health & Fitness Network Floor Burn is part of the KickButt series and is a fusion workout with 21 minutes of Pilates, 6 minutes of cardio, 10 minutes of yoga and 6 minutes of weights. It's a little over 40 minutes long total. Tamela Hastie leads, dressed in a bright yellow top and black pants, and looking fit, healthy, and a bit more serious than she did in Cardio Burn, but not somber by any means. She looked very mature and relaxed, and I hope she leads more workouts in the future! She was flawless in her form and instruction, and her Pilates training really shows!

The warm up is fun, energetic, and dynamic. As with all the WHFN workouts, the colors are vibrant and alive, the production quality is perfect, and the workout draws you right in from the start.

Outer thigh work on your non-dominant leg is next, using a small weight/ I used a 5# dumbbell and I know I will feel this tomorrow! A brief stretch in between the sets, and a mermaid stretch at the end of two sets follows. Next comes inner thigh work, using two yoga blocks as props. If you don't have yoga blocks you can use thick towels or even a sofa pillow. Two sets of inner thigh work are done, and I used a 5# weight during the second set. I felt I could have gone heavier, and you could even use ankle weights here to increase the intensity if needed.

Table work is next, using the tall step. OUCH! No extra weight needed here! We then do leap frogs which were very fun!! Next is bridge work using small weights and focusing still on the non-dominant leg. I used 2 5#'s and could have gone heavier. We flip over to do push-ups, them move onto ab work. Tamela takes us through pulleys and slow crunches, and if you pay attention to form and her instructions to breath, you will really feel these!

Yoga poses are next - downward dog, cobra, child's pose, pigeon, and planks. Very soothing and just enough! Tamela shows great form and gives solid instruction throughout.

We then repeat the outer thigh, inner thigh, table work, and bridge work focusing on the dominant leg. She uses yoga blocks as props this time for the table work, although I think you can not use them and still get the same work. The push-ups again follow the bridge work.

Ab work then follows, using the yoga block as a prop behind your head. Again, I think a thick towel or pillow will work as well. This time we focus on the transverse abs, and again if you pay attention to form and breathing, you will really feel this work.

Pilates leg movements are next, and my only complaint is I wish there had been more of this! I don't usually care for Pilates work, but I really enjoyed this segment.

A towel stretch follows, with more Pilates movements. We then stretch using the step, into modified and then full Warrior poses.

My only complaint is it wasn't longer! I really enjoyed this workout a lot! An solid A!!

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