Fitprime Flexposture

Tamela Hastie
Year Released: 2005

Categories: Circuit Training (cardio and weights)

There are 3 original FitPrimes that I thought shound NOT have been remade- Steamin' Cardio ('cause Kelsie was great), Crunch Time ('cause it was a mediocre old school floor work routine) and Flex Posture (since it didn't seem to know what it was). The Steamin' cardio redo is disappointing, Crunch Time, about the same as the original and then there's Flex Posture- which feels different from the original but still suffers from not really knowing what kind of workout it is. I got this free from whfn, and I want to like these workouts- I like the crisp clear production, I like the fire pots (but not the statues) and I like that the exercisers wear different colors (especially since the en vogue thing is to have everyone in the same color or same outfit). But so far, I just haven't clicked with any of these. This is probably the worst of the bunch, for a few reasons.

1- The parts don't seem to fit. And the music doesn't match some of the workout. It just really seems disjointed and almost as if the music was added after the fact. there are times when the music is really cacaphonic and vigorous but the moves being done are mellow and slow. The cardio and weight sessions just come out of nowhere and don't seem to fit the rest of the workout, with its pilates-ish, yoga-ish flow.

There's enough to interrupt the flow of the workout, but not enough to benefit from them, so it just seems like a throw away.

2- Tamela. She is such a distracting instructor. She pouts and poses through this workout so much its like she's auditioning for a Vegas showgirl show. She has a bizarre exhale to emphasize the breathing pattern, but it sounds like one of my major appliances is venting noxious fumes. The camera also focuses on her butt and chest, and not when those angles make sense. Combined with her tendency to pouty faces, occassional sexy breathy voice, there were moments I just thought eewww.

With the popularity of pilates and yoga and fusion workouts that incorporate both with cardio and/or weights, this is really a subpar workout that looks great.

The production is lovely, but the workout is disjointed and has an instructor, that frankly seems to have gotten the job because she's cute. The music is interesting, but half the time doesn't fit the workout, and parts of the workout seem to have been lifted from other workouts and stuck in here. the good moments are few and far between, and are quickly interrupted either by Tamela's expressions or some exercise that doesn't fit, and the moment is gone.

Instructor Comments:
Tamela has many mannerisms that are distracting and actually impair her credibility as an instructor. She is very attractive, a fact which was not missed by the camera operator since we get plenty of shots of tamela's butt and breats, and when such a focus makes no sense at all. (I don't think Tamela is responsible for the camera shots, but those camera angles, combined with Tamela's mannerisms makes this workout seems kinda sleazy at times.)