Fitprime Flexposture

Tamela Hastie
Year Released: 2005

Categories: Circuit Training (cardio and weights)

For reference, I am a high intermediate/advanced exerciser. I owned the original "Just Right FlexPosture" very briefly, and did it once or twice. This workout felt very different than the original, and except for a few things that Tamela said, I didn't feel at all like I had done the workout before.

The set is a bit wild, with statues holding flaming bowls, a starry night sky, and Grecian columns. My 2 teenaged sons came into the room while I was working out -- both of them asked immediately, "is this the FIRM?" I think Anna & Cynthia Benson and Mark Hendrickson achieved the look they wanted. It was clearly the "new" FIRM (whether Goodtimes wants to acknowledge it or not). As others have mentioned, the colors and the picture quality are amazing. The music is jazzy/world beat type, and fits the workout well. There were only a few places where I felt like the exercises were not done to the beat of the music.

The workout itself is very gentle, with some short cardio sections, very short weight sections, a bit of yoga, and a bit of pilates. There were some interesting moves with the yoga block to help with body alignment. There were many good cues about proper body alignment which I found very helpful.

I suppose this would be best for people very new to exercising, or for intermediate/advanced exercisers coming off an illness or injury, or for an active rest day. The day I did it I was coming off an illness, and I really could not have done anything more strenuous. That said, I'm not sure whether I liked it or not. It didn't seem particularly well organized, and I can't say that there was any part of it that stood out. Fortunately, I'm not often sick, so I can't see it playing a large part in my fitness routine. However, for those days when I'm looking for a chance to just move, I suspect it will come in very handy.

Instructor Comments:
Tamela seems a bit stilted in this workout, and she uses some unusual terminology. Otherwise I thought she was pleasant enough. Most of her cuing was good, although there were a few mistakes, none of them critical.