Total Body Stretch for Beginners

Tamilee Webb
Year Released: 2000

Categories: Athletic Stretch

Of all of my many videos - this little stretch tape is the one I grab most often for a quick little stretch before I head off to bed. It has 3 - 10 minute stretches on it: Standing, Sitting, and Floor. I am hard-pressed to think of which is my favorite because I do like them all so much.

The video is shot on a beautiful beach in the caribbean. Tamilee Webb, as always, is her calm self and she has the perfect demeanor for a tape like this. The stretches are nice - not yoga-y and not too athletic. She has some unique ones that can be easilly adapted into your day when tightness strikes. There is one that she does, where she starts with your hands in a prayer posture and then you turn your hands to face downward - this stretch has saved me many a time when I am working onthe computer to finish up a big project!

Tamilee has two strech tapes in this series and I must say that I love this one and couldn't stand the other one. It felt too much like yoga to me. I like yoga, but when I come to Tamilee - I am not looking for anything yoga flavoured. The DVD has both workouts on it - so I just wanted to forewarn. (I have the VHS still).

Cori (ziggy2306)