Tighter Assets Cardio Blast

Tamilee Webb
Year Released: 2002

Categories: Floor Aerobics/Hi-Lo/Dance

This is a 30 minute hi/lo cardio routine which consists of three separate blocks of choreography that you learn add-on style, as well as a warm-up and a cool-down. The cardio blocks feature 'cardio blasts', which are sort-of plyo-holds, using your core as well, incorporated into moves which increase the overall intensity of the workout. 'Cardio blasts' can also be described at other times as just 'turning up the volume' of a move, where the plyo-hold trick doesn't fit in a move. The moves are athletic-style aerobics. The moves are simple, but I don't find them boring. The production quality is high, the set is bright and attractive, and her background exercisers look like what I imagine twin-sister fitness instructors from Venice Beach would look like (their outfits are identical as well). The music is not exactly memorable, it's your typical workout music, but I like it just fine. I like this workout. It is not hard to learn at all, it definitely elevates the heart rate, and it is short. I would rate the intensity as intermediate/advanced. This workout fills a mood niche, as well as a workout niche for me. It's a great tack-on cardio routine for a strength day, at only thirty minutes. It's a good choice on a day when I want a solid, mod-to-hi intensity hi/lo routine but don't want to think about choreography. (For the sake of comparison, I want a good all out hi-intensity no-brainer hi/lo, instead of mod-to-hi intensity, I would choose something like Cathe MIC hi/lo).
I think this workout has a moderate fun factor as well. It's no party-in-a-box, but I certainly don't have to talk myself into it! It's fun, and it's also over before you know it - good when you want a good swaet in a short period of time. Try it!

Instructor Comments:
Tamilee is her usual no-nonsense self in this workout. I enjoy her personality and her workouts. She is a real professional.

Kathy Weller