Beginner's Stretch for Flexibility

Tamilee Webb
Year Released: 2000

Categories: Athletic Stretch

This is a 30 minute stretching video led by Tamilee Webb. There are no background exercisers.

It has an outdoor setting, the backdrop is a wall of green leaves (large hedge). There is a breeze blowing which causes the leaves to move about, occasionally a bird will walk through the set. I did not find either one of those things distracting. Tamilee is wearing a red camisole and matching red long leggings (or it may be a unitard, can’t remember now).

Stretching starts from the top and works down. There is no “warm-up,” so if you like really warm muscles you might want to do your own warm-up.

I liked this video. It was soothing and I felt stretched when we were done. The stretches weren't held long, but overall I felt that it was probably enough.

Instructor Comments:
As usual Tamilee is thorough and gentle in her approach.

new2me (Donna)