Beginner's Stretch for Flexibility

Tamilee Webb
Year Released: 2000

Categories: Athletic Stretch

My general impression of this tape is that it is a good, short series of stretches that help release tension and relax you. It begins with some standing stretches for the side of the body, triceps, back of the thighs, outer thighs and inner thighs, and then you go to the floor for some stretching of the low back, obliques, outer thighs again, hamstrings, quads, abdominals and neck, followed by a short progressive relaxation (where you visualize relaxing from your head down to your toes). What I like about this tape is that it is short (about 30 minutes), and the stretches are all do-able, regardless of what level of flexibility you have. Tamilee looks very attractive in her red outfit and her voice is soothing and pleasant.

My criticisms are that the stretches are not held long enough, are not repeated enough (except for the stretches at the beginning of the tape) and there isn't much variety. I would have liked some more hamstring stretches and upper body stretches. This might be trivial, but Tamilee doesn't pronounce the "b" in abdominals, which I noticed ever since her Abs of Steel days. I forgive her though, because I think she is a competent instructor with a nice personality.

I would recommend this tape to anyone who is looking for a good, quick, basic, relaxing stretch tape.