Beginner's Stretch for Flexibility

Tamilee Webb
Year Released: 2000

Categories: Athletic Stretch

This tape offers a basic and very relaxing 30-minute stretch. Unlike the other tape in this stretch series, it is not broken into sections: you are meant to do the entire 30 minutes. The time goes very quickly. All of the stretches are athletic-style, although there are a few modified yoga poses. Tamilee tries to coordinate the breathing with the stretches, but not in a yoga way: the emphasis is clearly on the athleticism of the moves. Several times, Tamilee reminds you of this, encouraging you to note your progress so you'll see how much easier the moves get with practice. About 15 minutes of the tape is done standing, and the rest is done on the floor. None of the poses will require modifying even by complete beginners. Tamilee is a very soothing instructor. I bet she'd be great at reading books on tape :-) This is a thorough yet relaxing stretch program that will increase flexibility and allow even the most inflexible beginner to stretch comfortably.