Tae Bo Cardio

Billy Blanks
Year Released: 2003

Categories: Boxing/Kickboxing/Martial Arts

The only Tae Bo I had ever done previous to this one was a Get Ripped Advanced workout. I gave up on it, because it was just too fast for me. I could see there was something there that I would like, however.
The pace of this workout is slower and more controlled. For those used to the faster pace, it may be too slow-- at least that is what I am hearing.
I felt I got a good workout with it, however. I substituted a few higher impact moves at a few points, but I did not have to modify it too much to keep my heart rate up. It wasn't killer, but I don't really even consider Cathe "killer" (except a few intervals in the Imax workouts.)
The choreography is simple-- there are some combinations, but mostly just a series of kicks and punches. He does not stay with anything too long so it does not get boring. The last couple of drills were quite difficult. Who thought that stationary movements could be so intense!
I think if you are looking for a workout with low impact, basic choreography that uses a small amount of space, this workout is worth a look.
Some will not be too pleased with the music-- it is really just to keep the beat, nothing fancy. I had no problem with it. The DVD has no chaptering which is kind of disappointing.

Instructor Comments:
Billy is encouraging and exhibits a real love of leading others in exercise.