Lean Legs & Buns

Karen Voight
Year Released: 1991

Categories: Lower Body Strength

This video, however, merits caution. I consider myself intermediate/advanced and this is the only video in my collection that resulted in an injury...not once, but twice. Karen cautions the viewer on form but proceeds to bring us through multiple complex footing on the step with squats done off the step in quick fashion. Last spring, I strained my knee and the swelling kept me from jogging for 4 weeks. Deciding to try again, I did the workout for a second time two weeks ago (6 months have passed) and I strained my knee again. Haven't had a knee strain in years and did it twice to the same workout. Caution...this workout may cause injury to fragile knees.

Instructor Comments:
Karen Voigt deserves much praise for her intructional style, expert cues and well designed workouts. I have loved Your Personal Best and Great Weighted Workout on lighter days.

L. Frantz