Lean Legs & Buns

Karen Voight
Year Released: 1991

Categories: Lower Body Strength

Karen uses the step to cover every inch of your legs. (She includes some floor work but it is short and fairly strightforward). There is a lot of repetition of similar moves. You could do this off step, but you won't get nearly the variety of positions and angles. Because of the reps, this could be a very tough work out for beginners. BUt the instruction is good, it is very helpful. Intermediates will get a solid workout and advanced will find her attention to form helpful as well. Anyone who uses or wants to use early Firm volumes NEEDS this video. Karen has safety in mind when she teaches and you will learn correct form to help you through all those fast lunges and squats, with your hands (holding weights) going over your head. You will get more solid, impeccable instruction in 45 mins., than you will in the nearly 6 hrs. of the "classic" series. A must have, even if it no longer challenges you at an advanced level.

Instructor Comments:
There is no one on video with more attention to form and detail than Karen Voight. Her pre-work out squat drill and emphasis on careful instruction and safety make this video a good lesson for beginners.