Lean Legs & Buns

Karen Voight
Year Released: 1991

Categories: Lower Body Strength

I just read the previous reviews on this tape & I can't believe that Wendy says the step section is "mildly aerobic!" Wendy, you must be in GREAT shape! OK, OK so yes, I am a beginner but I just can't imagine that the step section with all those squats and even jumping could be only considered mild! And I know that someone who is intermediate posted recently in the Forum that this tape got her heart rate up so high and she was so winded that she couldn't finish. Anyway, I do enjoy this tape, but it seems somehow disjointed to me. The beginning warm-up and calf work is fine. The 2nd section, as I mentioned, is a series of squats that take you on and off the step and it's tough. I've done it about 6 times now and have just started feeling like I can follow along and actually do the moves with her, but I am dripping sweat and breathing SO-OO-O hard. So much so, that when she starts the next section of hamstring work using legweights and holding onto a chair - I am still mopping my face with a towel. It takes me quite a while to calm down after that 2nd section, and I only use a 4" step. I think the sequence is somehow "off" because of this. Maybe the lying down stuff should've come first, or at least a cooldown before we have to stop everything and do toning. There is no heartrate check either, which surprises me. I love the floor work - which because you can really feel it working. Overall, this is a keeper, but I do feel like something is missing. I don't know what it is but it makes me hungry for more. Also, between each section she'll say something like "Go get your leg weights and a chair" or "take your weights off" and you have to pause the video to do it because she doesn't do it along with you - they just cut to the next scene. That bothers me a little because I feel like I have to catch up. I will continue to use this because I think I am benefiting from it. I'll add risers as I progress from my beginner status, because hopefully someday I'll eventually be in as good shape as Wendy! :)

Instructor Comments:
Karen's instructions are great. Her form pointers always make me feel as if she psychically caught me doing something that I need to correct. I mean it, it's uncanny - EVERY TIME she says to not lean forward or to shift the weight to the back foot, it's exactly what I need to hear at that moment because I'm doing the opposite! I don't consider the soundtrack jazzy, as others have described it, but I like it because it's non-recognizable so I'm not distracted by songs I know. She has a great body and a knowledgeable, no-nonsense style. I really like her.

Diane Ingino