Lean Legs & Buns

Karen Voight
Year Released: 1991

Categories: Lower Body Strength

This is a lower-body strengthening tape as the name suggests. Karen and the class use a step in the class, but you could do it without one. You probably won't get as much benefit, however. Depending on the height of your step, the video can be used from beginner-level up to advanced. I use 3 risers, and it's a killer.

The moves consist of basic squats, knee-up repeaters, hamstring curls, and inner and outer thigh lifts. (The curls and inner/outer thighs are done off the bench.) What makes it different is the use of the bench for the squat segments.

I wouldn't really call this a "fun" video, but it is a good workout. However, other leg workouts (FIRM, Buns of Steel) are probably more effective.

As always, Karen's cueing is great, and her form is excellent. She's careful to explain the correct way to do each move, especially the squats.

Annie S.