Body Reform: Core Essentials

Karen Voight
Year Released: 1999

Categories: Pilates/Core Strength , Total Body Workouts

This workout is included on Karen's Yoha & Sculpting DVD. which is the only reason I have it. If it were available seperately I would probably not keep it. Overall, I felt this workout is one of those rouitnes that is not bad, exactly---reasonably fun, a few interesting moves, I wasn't watching the clock or anything. But when it was over I sat there wondering just what it was I had spent the last 40 minutes doing, exactly.

The warm-up was very nice. In fact, it would make a great add-on wwarm-up to a workout that doesn't have one. There were some active stretches, a few leg moves with arm motions...very lovely, flowing routine.

The leg work was pretty decent. It did not feel too intense to me and I was not sore afterward, but I tend to avoid floor work and it was palatable here. I question whether I got enoigh of it to really DO much, but it was a nice relaxing section and I did enjoy myself.

The arm section was useless. It was mostly one long push-up. It was too short with not enough variety, and there was no biceps work at all. After the first time I did this tape I skipped it. The workout ends with a fairly standard ab section and a short cool-down.

If she cut the arm section and extended the standing legs and floor work, and maybe added some puslign sets or something to make it a little more intense, this would have been a great leg workout. As it is though, I am not really sure. I guess I would view it almost as a stretch tape---you do it to feel nice, rather than to actually "work."