Just Thighs

Joyce Vedral
Year Released: 2005

Categories: Lower Body Strength

This workout is included ont he Just Arms dvd. The same general comments about Joyce that I made in that review apply here, which to summarize are: she's nothing fancy, the workouts do the job, and now that they can be gotten from other places besides her sketchy website, I am happy to give these routines the thumbs-up.

This felt a little longer to me than Just Arms did, even though it was about the same length. You still do the exercises in rounds, but the rounds are not little two or three exercise ones: you do ALL the exercises before moving on to the next set. There are 5 sets as this is a full pyramid. I preferred the format of the shorter rounds because it made the workout less tedious.

These exercises were fine for me as I tend to prefer unweighted lower body work, but if you are used to heavy lifting or your body responds to that, you will find it hard to modify this brisk-moving routine to your needs. A few of the exercises did not even use weights at all. Some of them felt quite easy.

Overall, this is probably not going to be my favourite lower body workout ever, but it is not a bad mate for the arms tape and I'm sure I will get decent use out of it.

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