Just Butt

Joyce Vedral
Year Released: 2005

Categories: Lower Body Strength

Since another review broke this down, I'll just add a few comments. I think this is a great floorwork butt video. The only exception is an exercise called lying bicycle which is just kicking your legs in the air & does nothing. I substite a dual leg exercise here, like the frog leg lifts. At least I feel those somewhat.

There was another gripe, but only slight and it doesn't bother me, but her daughter Marthe looks like she gets kicked in the face during more than a few exercises! I believe Joyce's foot made contact with her nose at least once and you see Marthe flinch a few times, too. I just feel sorry for poor Marthe how they set up the mats!

I felt this workout believe I'll see some improvement doing regularly.

Instructor Comments:
Great job in this one!