Interval Aerobics

Joyce Vedral
Year Released: 2003

Categories: Floor Aerobics/Hi-Lo/Dance

The workout is structured weight-training-style in sets: each set has a cardio interval, then three toning moves, and you do the set for each body part (legs, ‘hip/butt’ and abs) three times. Joyce does marching, side-steps and a completely ridiculous ‘Latin move’ during the interval sections, and Marthe does the bike. The strength moves are mostly leg lifts, kicks and the like. The aerobic intervals last about a minute, and while I think they could have easily doubled that and still come in at about half an hour, you do get a solid 9 minutes of straight aerobics by the end (1 minute per set, times 3 sets per body part, times 3 body parts). It was a little awkward going right from bike to floor for ab work, but I do all of that on the bed anyway so I didn’t mind.

I dislike cardio, and find that during long aerobics tapes, one of two things tend to happen. Either the moves get so complicated in an attempt to keep up interest that my klutzy brain can’t follow and I get frustrated, or the workout seems interminable because they try so hard to ‘surprise’ you and keep you from getting bored that you can never be sure when it will be over. I think this is why Joyce’s tape worked out much better than it previewed: because you know exactly what’s coming. There is a very clear pattern being followed, and you know at any moment what you still have left to do. It’s the same methodical approach she uses in her weight tapes, and it might not suit everyone, especially where cardio is concerned. But it worked for me---it got me some nice lower body work and 9 solid minutes of pure cardio in just under half an hour, and for that reason, I am willing to overlook its somewhat amateurish instructor and goofy quirks.