Yoga Inside Out: Go Deeper

Paula Tursi
Year Released: 2007

Categories: Yoga


The set reminds me of a stage. There is a green flowing sheet in the back drop. Pretty minimal.


Quiet, instrumental. Works very well with the sequences.



Body Lesson: The Spine

Program: Breathing Practice-Sun Salutations-Standing Flow-Balancing Poses-Forward Bending & Inversions-Deep Relaxation-Meditation (you can jump to any one of the chapters within the program section, so if you choose to do the Standing Flow only you can easily go to that section)

Deeper Explorations (takes you through several poses more thoroughly)

The Practice:

This practice is more high intermediate/advanced. Paula, along with 2 female assistants, demonstrate multiple levels. (this is a more advanced class so even some levels may be too difficult for beginners) The flow is faster but not too fast as to deter from the active stretch you get from a longer hold. In the sun salutations she adds in a "jump back" which is a more advanced option. Paula takes you through a standing sequence that will build strength, especially in the larger muscles of the lower body. You'll also burn more calories as you flow through the practice. (and perform harder poses!) She includes many difficult poses including crow and side crow (this one will take lots of practice but Paula explains how to get into the pose well). Many poses are advanced so prior yoga experience may be beneficial.

Precise cueing, detailed technique tips and modifications will ensure the viewer gains the most benefit (and helps prevent common misalignments).

Instructor Comments: