Mary Cunningham
Year Released: 2007

Categories: Yoga

I decided to review as many Christian Yoga DVD's as possible when I couldn't find levels and reviews.
This particular DVD has the actress Janine Turner as a background exerciser and scripture reciter. Up front, I want to say I am really glad DVD's like this are being made. It's a great way to stretch and meditate on God's word.
There are seven phases with different scripture focuses.
1.Centering Phase -3 min.30 sec. - Seeking God's stillness
2.Warm Up Phase - 4:40 - Seeking God's love
3.Stretching Phase - 5:52- Seeking Harmony with God
4.Strengthening Phase - 23:12 - Seeking God's strength
5.Action Phase - 13:50 - Seeking God's will
6. Balancing Phase - 5:44 - Seeking God's forgiveness
7. Relaxation Phase - 8:53 - Seeking God's Peace

The set is tranquil in a well lit room. Candles & crosses are the backdrop.

The audience for this is very specific. It is for a yoga novice who wants to incorporate thinking about Bible verses during stretching. I applaud Ms. Turner for making this DVD & hope she makes an intermediate and advanced DVD.

Instructor Comments:
Mary Cunningham has a sparkle in her eye & easy to follow instruction.