Endurance For Movement

Tracie Long
Year Released: 2006

Categories: Circuit Training (cardio and weights) , Gliding Disks, Total Body Workouts

Tracie Long leads "Endurance for Movement", which clocked in at about 28 seconds shy of an hour including stretch. I think this one had the best camera work of the three I've done so far. The set again is in Tracie's own gym and we see the beautiful changing scenery outside. The music seemed a bit louder than SIM or FYC, but that could have been my imagination.

Nancy whom some will recognize from older Firms shows beginner modifications and Linda Marie shows more advanced. Both background exercisers seemed to be visible when I needed them, and Tracie told you before most of the exercises what modification they were going to do. You need various weights, rags or paper plates or something to glide on, and a stability ball.

The warm up uses light weight (Tracie says to use 1 to 3#, I used 3) and we do some short lunges with arm movements. The stretch involves walking planks and plenty of dymanic hamstring stretching. Next come planks and I did them with my elbows on the stability ball and legs straight out in back like Linda Marie, so all my weight was on my elbows on that unstable ball. OUCH!! We move our legs in and out so bear that in mind. Tracie and Nancy do them on the floor.

Next we need the ball for mermaids and frogs. Mermaids here are hands on floor with body over ball and lifting back legs with toes together, and frogs are a progression of this where you bring the soles of your shoes in as you lift your legs. We also do shin rolls where you roll out until either your thighs or shins are on the ball, then rotate stacking your hips, and your feet and hands are off the floor. VERY hard to do!!

The first cardio tune is lunge and kicks progressing to stride jumps and hops on one leg which Linda Marie shows. In between legs we do runs and what Tracie calls "butt kicks". The cardio in this has some impact but it's short so it didn't bother my knees. You could probably do this on a rebounder if you have knee issues with any type of impact.

We then use 3 to 8 pounds (I used 8 and struggled with them) for side lunges moving the weight down to the opposite foot then overhead. It goes from slow to fast so a lighter weight might be better if you have shoulder issues. In between legs we do overhead presses with rotation using both weights.

Next is heavy weights for leg work - I used 10# dumbbells. Tracie takes time to go over the move first. It's a low squat holding weights at your side, then a hike of your hips back to engage the glutes, then you stand. It progresses to a knee lift upon standing. In between we hop on the working leg or Nancy jumps on both feet. BURNING glutes with this one!!

We get out the stability ball again for planks, or you can use no ball as earlier. I tried to do this segment balancing only my elbows on the ball and could not. We lift one leg and bring it into our chests while in full plank. It's much easier for me to do these on the floor. Then we do supermans on the ball.

The next cardio tune is knee kicks to the side, first slow then fast, some jumps, and some hops. It was fun! It had a little kickboxing flavor as well.

Then we get out the rags, paper plates, or gliding discs. First are push-ups with hands on dumbells. You can do them on or off the bells, on your knees, or on your toes, and you also have the option of having your feet on the rags or plates the entire time or not. All three modifications are shown. We rotate up one arm at a time with the bell. Mountain climbers are done on or off the rags. Nancy shows them off. On them you pull one leg in and push the other out while in a full plank. It's harder than it looks!! Then we stretch, and then we pull BOTH legs in. Killer!!

Then we do slow lunges on one leg bringing our knee all the way down, while holding heavy weights. I thought this would bother my knees but it did not. We then go slowly back up. The fastest count is 2 up 2 down, and it's more of a balance and strength issue than a knee issue.

We get out the rags again for push-ups. One hand on and one hand off, and when you go down the hand that's on goes out to the side. We then do a triceps press with one weight on the same side while kneeling on the working side and extending the other leg back. It's fast so be careful with weight.

We then need the stability ball and light weights (no more than 3#) for transverse crunches. The trick to these is to have as little of your body as possible on the ball and tuck your hips as hard as you can otherwise you won't feel them. We use the weights for the same move but with oblique cross-over twists.

Cardio again in what Tracie calls an "Ali shuffle" which is a front-back-front hop while moving to the side, then 2 jumps or squats, then squat and rotate to that side with the torso. In between we do side shuffles and arms open in cobra.

Clock lunges are next and Tracie says to get small weights since we will be working small muscles. I used 3#. We do right side first to 12, 1, 2, then 3 o'clock and you can do them with your toes forward, pivoting the back knee, or keeping the back leg straight. All three are shown. We then squat into one hip then the other while raising arms in front, hence the need for lighter weights. We then stand on the working leg and cobra the arms with palms forward, first up then down.

Side lunges are next holding heavy weights (I used 10#) with the working foot on the rag. Medium to heavy weights are next with one leg back, a biceps curl, and then raise arm overhead with palm forward. Progression is to knee up while raising arm overhead. In between we do rows with side rotation.

Abs are last and place a dumbbell in between our feet and do reverse curls, then do chest press holding the bell and progress to lifting one leg while pulling the weight overhead. The stretch incorporates traditional moves and using the stability ball.

This workout is top notch! I think it's the most advanced of the three I've done so far! A++!!