Still Steppin'

Christi Taylor
Year Released: 2001

Categories: Step Aerobics

I traded this away a couple weeks ago (hey, that's a mini review right there) but I wanted to offer another perspective after reading the first reviews.

There are really good and not so good aspects of this tape. This was my first Christi workout and I was a little bit scared of trying her choreography. I shouldn't have been: although her choreo is very, very complex I was very impressed by how well she cued and broke down the moves. And throughout the workout, a group of her background exercisers would do a less complex alternative, so if something was too complex the first few times you saw it, you had the option of doing something less complex, rather than gaping at the TV in confusion.

That said, I have to warn you about the music on this tape: if you are in any way averse to Britney Spears, Spice Girls, N Sync and Backstreet Boys: run, do not walk to the VCR and hit eject. Normally, music on workout videos does not elicit much emotion either way from me. However, this soundtrack was like fingernails down a blackboard. And that wouldn't even be SO bad if Christi didn't SING ALONG!!! Agh!! The first couple of times it was cute and you think, 'look at that, she's having fun.' But after, oh, twenty minutes of singing along and singing her cues, it wears very thin. Ultimately, this is why I drop kicked this baby into the trade bin.

The workout is inter/advanced and keeps your heart rate up really well until the very last combination before the cool down, where your heart rate will plummet while learning the 'hopscotch' move. It's a good workout for the most part, but if any of the above mentioned quirks annoy you, it may not be for you.

Instructor Comments:
Christi is a great cuer with fun choreography. But she should save the singing for the shower.