Still Steppin'

Christi Taylor
Year Released: 2001

Categories: Step Aerobics

As a die-hard Cathe fan, I love complex choreography, but at times Christi almost makes Cathe's stuff look basic. I watched the tape first, but on my first workout, I still got lost and a bit frustrated several times. However, I also found myself catching on to moves I'd been lost on only minutes before. On my second try, I got nearly all of it and had an intense and thoroughly enjoyable workout. I also thought I'd get sick of Christi's TIFTing; she does more of it than anyone I've seen. But instead I liked it; it gave me a chance to learn what I'd missed before, and her combos are far too complex to become boring any time soon! After the first 20 minutes, Christi turns the bench the other way for the second 20 minutes. The pace is fast enough without being too fast, her cueing is exceptionally good, and the music is pretty good, too. I've been intimidated about trying her other step tapes, but she has won me over. This is a well-taught and FUN workout by a likeable instructor--give it a try.

Jana D.